Travel back in time with HistoPad© in the keep


Explore the Loches keep, as never seen before, with new technologies ! Rooms and spaces, today different or disapeared, are born again with the HistoPad© (visit with the Pad : 1h).

The keep in 3D and VR

Ten rooms or spaces, accessible with the "Time Portals",  are reconstituted in Virtual Reality in their original state (from XIth to XVth centuries), for a spectacular immersion.

The visitor is acting in the visit.

Visitor can interact with the touchpad, with 3D decors.

Children can participate to a treasure hunt, discovering hidden items in these virtual sceneries.

histopad loches cite royale
The keep, seen with the HistoPad©

What is HistoPad© ?

  • 9 rooms, reconstituted in 3D and VR in 3 towers.
  • The 1205 siege scene (when Phillipe Auguste, king of France, besieged John Lackland, king of England) restituted with the crossbow tower defending the fortress.
  • The outsides like Beaulieu-lès-Loches abbey, built by Foulques Nerra or the south side of the Tour Neuve, but also the cellar inside the keep.
cellar foulques nerra loches
the keep cellar, restituted by Histovery
Loches HistoPad donjon


And HistoPad© is also :

  • A treasure hunt
  • A golden book
  • Available in 6 languages : French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch
  • Included with the ticket
  • If free ticket, HistoPad© alone : 5,00 €
Visiting the Cité royale de Loches with HistoPad© ?
HistoPad© in the Cité royale de Loches, realized by Histovery