Choose your tour

    A discovery of a castle should be unique. It must give you the opportunity to enjoy a special experience, alone, with family, friends or as part of a group.

  • Self-led tour with map (2 hours)
  • Family self-led tour with the booklet "Emeline & Amaury"
  • Guided tour : Included in the price of the ticket, at given times in the keep and royal residence. Times subject to modification, information on +33 (0)2 47 59 01 32.

Tours start in the boutique-ticket shop on the chosen site (keep or royal residence). You do not have to take part in both of the tours proposed, and it is also possible to do one straight after the other. Total duration of the guided tours (both sites) and the self-led parts of the keep: around 3 hours. Note: the 3 towers that can be visited in the keep have 557 steps.