The image of Agnes Sorel in popular culture in the 20th century


The production of images around the favourite continued in the following century, a sign of the permanence of her influence in the collective imagination.

The versatility of the character of Agnès Sorel, her multiple representations, say as much about the period in which they are set as about the favourite herself.

Six hundred years after her death, "la belle Agnès" continues her posthumous journey in the minds of contemporaries who strive to make her part of the present.


Objects :

  • Advertising card, the famous couples, "Charles VII and Agnès Sorel", Hermet Félix, c.1875-1876, [Ht: 13.8 cm / L: 8.5 cm. [inv. 1995.1.1783.1]. Conseil départemental d'Indre et Loire / Cité royale de Loches.
  • Advertising card - Famous women. Agnès Sorel or Soreau, 19th century. Inv. 1995.1.396.14. Departmental Council of Indre et Loire / Royal City of Loches
  • Dusserre, Joan of Arc & Charles VII card game, 1978, - Drawings by H. Simoni. [Lady of Clubs].
  • Agnès Sorel medallion, Dame de Beauté, bronze, 58 mm, 1984 [engraver: Annette Landry]. Monnaie de Paris.
  • Figurine of Agnès Sorel (resin), sd.
  • Jacques Martin, Jean Pleyers, The Lily and the Ogre, Jhen, tome.6, Casterman, 1986

Iconography :

  • Léopold Lobin, Agnès Sorel glass roof, Château de Fontenailles, Tours, 1881. ARPS Fontenaille / Heritage and Inventory Department of the Centre-Val de Loire Region.

 Focus : extract from Sacha Guitry, "If Paris were told to us" (1955), click here