Transcription of the letter sent by Agnès Sorel to Miss de Belleville

"Mademoiselle, my good friend, I recommend myself to you with all my heart. Please know that I was moved by the report you made to me by young Dampierre and am returning it to you to help you get out of what must have been a great pain for you. May we meet again soon and see these worries disappear for the good of all. In the meantime, yesterday we hunted a boar which your little Robin [Melle de Belleville's dog] had tracked down. The hunt turned out badly to the detriment of the said little Robin. He was hit by a stone that one of the hunters wanted to throw at the boar, which was in a bush, and caused him a fairly serious wound, but I hope that he will recover quickly and will have him well looked after. Incidentally, if there is anything else I can do for you while awaiting your coming, please let me know and I will do it with all my heart. Farewell, my good friend, may you receive what you desire. From Candé, this Friday after Michaelmas.

Your good friend,